Start of Conscious Eating

I lost 20 lbs by eating these beautiful #veganfood CONSCIOUSLY!


Becoming vegan has many benefits for both our #bodyandmind, but I struggled for a long time how to come up a balanced diet with #naturallynutritious and delicious vegan foods - a diet not to weaken my immune system from insufficient nutrition & essential amino acids, nor to develop skin rash problem from poor digestibility of consuming concentrated amount of beans/legumes for protein source.


Things started to change miraculously when I experimented with #positiveenergy food cooking and incorporated ancient grains & vegetables. Nowadays every meal becomes a celebration feast for me! When I prepare the food wholeheartedly, I feel the lively pulse from mother earth. When I eat it consciously, I feel eating a delicate life, with the unbearable lightness, becoming part of my life. Often, I'd burst into ecstasy with full #gratitude for its complete sacrifice, for its mesmerizing life merging into mine, for the oneness #meditation it instills in me...


This is the start of my #consciouseating sharing, a tool to bring us ultimate #health (in body), joy (in mind), #happiness (in emotion), and exuberance (in energy)! If you feel resonation with this topic, I’d LOVE to hear from you to explore deeper dimension together.