What do startups really mean to me?

What do #startups really mean to me? Now onto the 3rd month of full sweat on it, after I shocked many of my corporate colleagues by resigning amid this pandemic.


It is 15hr working day, 7 days a week.

It is willing to take on any trouble and to always look for solutions.

It is a super sharp #learning curve, breaking, merging, and forging my new boxes every day.

It is being brave while receptive of all the unknown out there and still keeping #innerpeace and satisfaction.

It is the revelation that this is NOT my career, but my life destiny.


But all the above are TRIVIAL if compared to the RICHNESS and FULLNESS I started to taste, from the practice of giving in all myself, in the best possible way to others and this world.


If #LusOasis is a garden for the CLEANEST & TASTIEST breakfast, my job is to make the soil as regenerative as possible. Thus, aside from my commitment to the business, I feel greater drive to bring FREE & ACCESSIBLE knowledge to anyone who needs it. I decided to write a book #Consciouss Eating–how to become #healthy and blissful in 21 days” and to share my visual diary on how #plantbasedfoods satisfy my #bodyandmind.


If you care what I care, please support our growth at www.lusoasis.com and follow my food diary at https://www.instagram.com/happyfoodhaven/.