What role do foods play in your life especially under #pandemic?

Are you blaming it for your weight gain?

Are you enjoying your homemade creative dishes at home?

Are you stressed by too many virtual meetings and using comfortable foods as an emotional relief?

Are you disturbed by your kids eating sugary snacks and feeling the urge to snack the same as well?

Thanks to the invitation from Prof. Wei Zhang at Illinois Institute of Technology, I gave a seminar to the whole #FoodScience & #Nutrition Department about a relevant, powerful, and no cost solution to help us reclaim this birthright everyone deserves – becoming #healthy and #blissful by #conscious eating.

The audience had a live session of experimenting conscious eating with a morsel of food they prepare. I referred to #ancientwisdom that respect the #sacredness of food, and shared how to combine that with modern science to make delicious foods for conscious and #plantbased eating, which is the very mission for LusOasis.

If you are interested, I’d love to share the recording of this seminar with you. This talk is also an early release of my to-be-published book “Conscious Eating – How to become healthy and

blissful in 21 days.”

pandemic healthy meal plan