Our Story

My name is Huan, and I am a passionate product developer on a mission to help people eat and live well. I see so many marketing gimmicks try to convince us that foods packed with hidden sugars or tons of artificial ingredients are somehow healthy. That’s why I quit my executive job and founded LusOasis; to create gateway foods to make a truly healthy plant-based diet simple and delicious.
Our clean, unrefined, whole food ingredients make for a one-of-a-kind flavor experience that will energize your body and clarify your mind. Find your baking bliss with LusOasis!

Core Values


Food is fuel for our body, mind, and energy. Our 100% vegan food will honor you with positive energy to cleanse your body, increase your mindfulness, and bring you a deeper and more wholesome connection with planet earth.


It's ok to be a foodie and to live a healthy lifestyle! We exist to show you that you can have it all when it comes to food. We develop foods that create a unique experience with every bite, connecting you to the flavors, textures, and cultures that love the most.The only things we need from you is your taste buds, so get them ready to be excited by our bold and imaginative!


We provide a rare game-changing opportunity to free you up from any obscure or hidden refined sugars and sweeteners whatsoever! Our sincere promise to you: no marketing gimmick, no more sugar additions, only clean satisfaction from a 100% healthy food haven.

Meet Huan Xia

I quit my executive job and founded LusOasis to help people eat and live well. i believe in creating gateway foods to help you find your bliss, thus offer clean & tasty plant-based foods, to satisfy both your body and mind. Our simple but delicious ingredients from whole foods, will help you burst into blissfulness through a deep and wholesome connection with mother earth. LusOasis dares to be the 1st company who insists on eliminating refined sugar & ANY sweeteners in our foods. We are not better for you; we are BEST for you!

Our Vision

To celebrate our contribution to better health and a better planet, with every bite of food we consume.

Fun Fact

Our name LusOasis[lʌs ō-'āsis] is inspired by our hope to elucidate (lus) your path to a healthy food oasis.

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