How To Enjoy

Get ready to enjoy truly healthy and clean indulgence with our easy to use baking mixes! Each mix is packed with protein and superfoods to help boost your immunity and revitalize your body and mind.
You might notice that our batter is less sticky than typical waffle or pancake batter, but don’t worry! This is because our mix is rich in nutritious plant protein and fibers that don’t thicken the same way as eggs and starchy flours.
Pro-Tip: Wait 5 minutes after cooking to allow for the perfect fluffy waffle or pancake texture.

Step 1 :

Add water & oil

Step 2:

Whisk batter and let it set for 5 minutes to thicken

Step 3 :

Cook batter on medium- high heat

Dairy free

Soy free

Egg free


Keto friendly

Superfood Rich

Glutan Free

No Added Suger & Sweeteners

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