LusOasis is teaming up with our friends over at Tomato Bliss & Super Garden for a SUPERFOODS Giveaway! Sign up below and enter to win healthy and delicious baking mixes, soups, and even ice cream! You'll also receive a special 15% discount code just for signing up 🤩 

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The lucky winner of our Super Foods Giveaway will receive an Heirloom Tomato Soup Sampler pack from Tomato Bliss 🤤 

Made from a rainbow medley of nutrient-dense heirloom tomatoes, gut-friendly vinegar, and nourishing globally-inspired spices. This is not your average processed tomato soup. Clean and crisp like gazpacho, with Tomato Bliss, you can enjoy summertime in a jar, all the while supporting independent farmers aiming to make a real difference in the way our food is farmed. 

And you know what pairs PERFECTLY with delicious tomato soup! A fresh batch of tomato basil waffles or pancakes made with LusOasis Baking Mix

Our lucky winner will receive 2 pouches of this healthy and delicious baking mix. Just add oil & water and in minutes you’ll be enjoying a uniquely delicious & healthy savory waffle or pancake, perfect for sandwiches or paired with your favorite toppings. Made from clean, all-natural, plant-based ingredients that satisfy body and mind.

Don't forget dessert! The winner of our Super Foods Giveaway will also receive a variety pack of Ice Cream That Doesn't Melt from our friends over at Super Gardens. 

A gourmet taste for a new generation of ice cream - crunchy at first and melts in your mouth. Once made for the Astronauts now loved by all! This specially freeze dried ice cream never melts can be kept unrefrigerated in your home for a year, even on the hottest days ☀️ 

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